Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CrossFTP Server 1.05 Released

CrossFTP Server is a user-friendly, professional FTP Server for multiple platforms. It offers a high-performance, easy configurable, and most of all a secure enabled FTP server. It provides a versatile GUI for the novice users' start-up, and the advanced users' configuration as well.

Changes in 1.05:
Bug fixes: solved a bug when multiple accesses is made from the same IP address
Bug fixes: new console start parameters
Added feature: show the user home directory

Home Page:

Sunday, October 22, 2006

CrossFTP 1.31 Released

CrossFTP is a versatile, user friendly GUI FTP client for multiple-platforms. CrossFTP 1.31 has a list of improvements as follows:

[v1.31]Improved feature: faster parsing of the file icons
[v1.31]Improved feature: copy url of the files
[v1.31]Added feature: advanced search functions for the local and remote directories

Home Page: http://www.crossftp.com