Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CrossFTP 1.34 Released

CrossFTP is a versatile, user friendly GUI FTP client for multiple-platforms. CrossFTP 1.34 is a major feature improvement release. This version adds command line arguments and the server's time zone setup. A lot of bugs were fixed. The list of detailed improvements as follows:

[v1.34]New feature: Queue item's overwrite option.
[v1.34]New feature: Server time zone's difference setup.
[v1.34]Bug fixes: Remove the error log in the queue item editor when there is no error in it
[v1.34]New feature: support for some command line arguments
[v1.34]Bug fixes: the zip function adds to the wrong directory (putted in the parent) when the zipped files are not the directory.
[v1.34]Bug fixes: Queue Info dialog shows wrong when the size of queue files is too big.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

CrossFTP Server 1.06 Released

CrossFTP Server is a user-friendly, professional FTP Server for multiple platforms. It offers a high-performance, easy configurable, and most of all a secure enabled FTP server. It provides a versatile GUI for the novice users' start-up, and the advanced users' configuration as well.

Changes in 1.06:
Minor bugs modifications.
New Feature: Support of Tray icon for Java 1.6

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