Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CrossFTP 1.32 Released

CrossFTP is a versatile, user friendly GUI FTP client for multiple-platforms. CrossFTP 1.32 is a major feature improvement release, which mainly includes the multi-tab support, local file copy support, improved drag and drop support, and Pro supports FXP now. The list of detailed improvements as follows:

[v1.32]Bug fixes: restore dialog may fail sometime to load and close file.
[v1.32]Improved feature: drag & drop among CrossFTP clients, and among System explorer of Windows, Gnome, and KDE
[v1.32]Bug fixes: Font configure dialog may failed to open if the system's font configuration load failed
[v1.32]Improved feature: optimize the cd command to eliminate the duplicated ones, and reset the status when disconnected.
[v1.32]New feature: implements the remove JVM flavors, which in turn supports the D&D between CrossFTP clients
[v1.32]Bug fixes: In site manager, the category should not be able to duplicate.
[v1.32]Bug fixes:the change directory may cause problem if the session does not have the same current directory
[v1.32]Improved feature: implement the transfer/queue/open for the d&d and mouse click
[v1.32]New feature: save the last time's sorting and tab close sequence
[v1.32]Bug fixes: clear the queue's overwrite option after queue's finish
[v1.32]Improved feature: enable the directory box, bookmarks and history button when offline
[v1.32]New feature: Config the drag & drop, and the double click's behavior
[v1.32]New feature: user can now click the directory and connect to the site directly when in the offline mode
[v1.32]Improved feature: Connection list menu now shows the sites in the Site category directly
[v1.32]Improved feature: Make the status tab panes scrollable
[v1.32]Bug fixes: Change the install shortcut to install only the offline shortcut
[v1.32]Bug fixes: The delete on the remote site sometimes refreshes the wrong directory, which leads to an error.
[v1.32]Bug fixes: The chmod sometimes refreshes the wrong directory
[v1.32]Bug fixes: when a site's handshake takes a long time, the abort action will make the program hung
[v1.32]Bug fixes: Paint the unfocused status when the queue panel is not selected
[v1.32]Bug fixes: Pause the queue if cancel is selected on same named files
[v1.32]Bug fixes: Disable the connect button if the system is bundled
[v1.32]New feature: fxp support in the pro version
[v1.32]New feature: multiple tabs support
[v1.32]Bug fixes: Clean the ftp's directory cache after files are uploaded