Thursday, January 04, 2007

CrossFTP 1.33 Released

CrossFTP is a versatile, user friendly GUI FTP client for multiple-platforms. CrossFTP 1.33 is a major feature improvement release. This release adds support for archive browsing, compression, extraction, and uploading, as well as an image quick viewer for image files and archived files. The list of detailed improvements as follows:

[v1.33]Improved feature: Direct FTP upload from the entries in the archive file.
[v1.33]Improved feature: New set of big toolbar icons.
[v1.33]New feature: double click to show and edit the queue items.
[v1.33]Bug fixes: Drag & drog causes the system to hang on the Mac OS X.
[v1.33]New feature: Text and image quick viewer for files in the archive file.
[v1.33]New feature: Image quick viewer for .jpg|.gif|.png files, with Zoom in/out, rotate, and fits to window options.
[v1.33]New feature: Add support for add to archive files of zip.
[v1.33]New feature: Support browsing and extraction for archives with type .ear|.jar|.war|.zip|.tar|.tgz|.tar.gz|.tbz2|.tar.bz2|.tar.bzip2
[v1.33]New feature: show raw directory content