Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CloudFront Invalidation with CrossFTP

Amazon CloudFront allows you to to remove one or multiple files from all edge locations prior to the expiration date set on those files. Invalidation requests for the first 1,000 files each month are provided at no additional charge; above this level, there is a $0.005 charge for invalidating each additional file.

First, please make sure you've enabled Amazon S3 API's CloudFront Distribution at Sites - Site Manger - S3 - API Set:

To invalidate the CloudFront object, just go to your bucket, select the objects you want to invalidate and choose CloudFront Distribution -> CloudFront Invalidate from the context menu, as shown in Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. CloudFront Invalidation

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CrossFTP Team


Daniel Watts said...

Is this function integrated with your sync tool? We're looking for functionality in Windows similar to s3cmd in linux where the files are invalidated as they're updated in S3.

Daniel Watts said...
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CrossFTP said...

Hi, Daniel:
We will add this requirement in our todo list.

Loganathan Guna said...
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