Sunday, January 04, 2015

Multipart Download Support in CrossFTP

To improve the transfer speed and reliability, CrossFTP Pro supports multipart download for all supported protocols, including FTP/SFTP/FTPS/WebDav/S3/GS/Amazon Glacier. Multipart download means that large file on the server will be divided into smaller parts during the download, and then all parts will be combined back to become the original file. Compared with the traditional Multipart download has 2 key advantages:
  • Fast - Multi-thread engine can be used to download file parts in parallel to fasten the download speed.
  • Reliable - Each part of the file is much smaller than the original file, so that the part's download is more reliable and recoverable.
Figure 1 below shows a file in the queue is being downloaded in the queue with multiple divided parts in CrossFTP Pro. There are 2 threads are downloading the file parts simultaneously in the figure.
Fig. 1. Multipart Download in CrossFTP Pro  
By default, multipart download is enabled in CrossFTP Pro. To enable/disable the multipart download in CrossFTP Pro, or change the part size, you need to go to Tools -> Global Options -> Transfer -> Enable Multipart Download, and you can also set up the part size here.
For Amazon Glacier, if you've enabled the multipart download, large file's retrieval is also divided into parts, and the parts' retrieval will obey the retrieval rate limit (in Tools -> Global Options -> S3/Glacier) as well. It is suggested you can setup the part size same or smaller than the retrieval rate limit, so that the retrieval rate can be strictly enforced.

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