Friday, July 14, 2017

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Support in CrossFTP

Microsoft Azure blob storage is an online on-demand data storage service offered by Microsoft. Microsoft Azure provides a simple web server to access any file that is stored in their storage cloud.

To get an Microsoft Azure account
  1. Open Page Sign Up for Microsoft Azure blob storage, click the Start button and follow the instructions.
  2. After success registration, you will find the storage account name and access key at your Storage Accounts -> name -> Access keys

To connect to Microsoft Azure in CrossFTP
  1. Create a new Site in CrossFTP (e.g., Sites -> Site Manager), and  choose Protocol as Microsoft Azure/HTTPS
  2. Fill in the Account Name and Access Key field.

 How to create container
Container : Each of the files and folders stored in Microsoft Azure is contained in a container. It's like "top level folder" or "top level drive".
To create a container in CrossFTP, just go to the root folder \, and choose Create a new Folder. That top level folder represents a container.

How to transfer files from/to Microsoft Azure?
Just like the traditional FTP file transfer, you can just Drag & Drop the files from/to your Azure site. Multiple tabs, multiple threads, queue modifications, directory synchronizations, Site to site transfer, etc are naturally supported for the Azure transfer as well.

Hope this article provides helpful information for you. Any questions, feel free to let us know.

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