Sunday, October 28, 2012

Set Default Metadata/HTTP Header for Amazon S3 with CrossFTP

Metadata is widely used in S3 and other cloud storage systems for its storage object's description and HTTP Header's setting.

There are cases that you want to setup the default metadata for all your uploaded objects, e.g, define a common HTTP Header or expire date. To do this, you can choose Site Manager -> S3 -> Enable Default Metadata to allow the setting of the default metadata, and setup the metadata by press the "..." button.
Fig. 1. Default Metadata Setup

You can setup the default metadata in the popup dialog. After press the OK button, the metadata will be saved for future transfers.

When a file is to be transferred to the remote site, CrossFTP will firstly calculate the general metadata for the file, including the file's original modification date, the compression algorithm, the encryption algorithm, mime type, etc. After that, the default metadata will be inserted into the object's metadata table before the transfer. The file transfers together with its metadata info to avoid additional operation cost.

You can check whether the file's metadata has been correctly setup by right click on the file, chose properties, and see the metadata tab.

This feature is available for CrossFTP Pro 1.86.2 or later.
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