Monday, March 09, 2009

How to change the files' default Mime types for Amazon S3 in CrossFTP?

Each file in Amazon S3 is associated with Mime types. The file's mime type will be sent to the client when the file is downloaded. The mime type is important for the end users since normally the client will decide how to process the file according to its mime type.

The good news is that, it is relatively simple to change the files' default mime types for Amazon S3 in CrossFTP client. You can use any of your favorite text editor, and edit the file named mime.types to change it, which contains all files' default mime information in CrossFTP. You can find the mime.types file at:
  • In windows: (if you install your windows in c drive) C:/Documents and Settings/USER_NAME/.crossftp/mime.types, where USER_NAME is your system's login name.
  • In *nix: ~/.crossftp/mime.types
After modifying the mime.types, restart CrossFTP, and all the changes will take effect.

We hope you will find our post useful and will enjoy the easiness of CrossFTP Pro. As always we appreciate your feedback as it helps to make the product better!

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