Friday, March 13, 2009

Manage FTP sites by FTP command

FTP commands provide a useful way to manage your FTP site remotely. Some FTP servers support a rich set of FTP commands to manage the users, groups, quotas, and so on.

CrossFTP Pro offers powerful command line tool to easily manage your multiple FTP servers. To open the command line tool, choose View -> Command Line, and you will see the command line tool to appear below the FTP files panel. To submit a command to the FTP server, just enter your command, and presee ENTER.

CrossFTP Pro predefines a number of FTP commands for several famous FTP servers. The predefined command set in CrossFTP Pro contains glFTPd, glFTPd admin, RaidenFTPD, ioFTPD, Serv-U and DrFTPD. They are defined in the file ~/.crossftp/ftpcmd.xml (on windows is C:\Documents and Settings\username\.crossftp\ftpcmd.xml). You can also modify this configuration file to add your preferred command set.

CrossFTP Pro also support to manage a number of FTP sites simultaneously. You should already know that CrossFTP is a multi-tabbed FTP client. If you have a list of similar FTP sites, and have already opened them in the CrossFTP's tabs, you can submit the FTP command to these sites simultaneously without reentering the command many times. To do this, just choose "Sumbit to All Tabs" in the popup menu, as shown in the picture, and then input the command and press ENTER. That's it, very easy, right?

Any commands or suggestions on the command tools are welcome!

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